We've Tried

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We've Tried
JM Jimmy Mac

1. I'll ne-ver know why blos-soms grow, in spring. I'll ne-ver know why it's so, for a lot of things. But I know that you-r love will keep me sat-is-fied and for what it's worth I'll al-ways be glad we've tried.

2. I'll ne-ver know what makes you do the things, you do for me all the time, it seems like a dream. But I know I can't go on with-out your pre-cious love and for ev-er-more I al-ways will know we've tried.

3. I'll ne-ver know why you-'ve chose just me. To live your life in hap'i-ness and some-times miser-y. But I know that you-r love has made me all I am. Yes, I know it's true with all we've been through we've tried.


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