Somebody Else

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Somebody Else
JM Jimmy Mac

1. Do you feel like a strang-er at home in your bed? Do the lies that you've told them still spin in your head? Don't you rea-lize what's hap-p'ning that you're cheat-ing your-self, ev-'ry time you go out with some-bod-y else?

2. All the lies that you're tel-ling will catch you some day. You'll hang your head in sor-row and want to run a-way. But you can't es-cape the sh-ame that you bring up-on your-self ev-'ry time you go out with some-bod-y else.

3. So be-lieve it's not worth it to com-pro-mise your name. You're bound to be dis-cov-'red at your cheat-ing game. Then the years with your sweet-heart will come to an end. All be-cause you went out, with your dar-lin's be-st friend.


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