Riverboat Man

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Riverboat Man
JM Jimmy Mac

I was born on a riverboat in New Orle'ns, deep South L. A. My daddy was a no count riverboat gambler. Momma died that day. But those river folks did love me, loved me as their own, ev'ryday.

I was ten years old, daddy told me, Boy gotta make your own pay. I have myself a little river woman, I don't want you in the way. So on the streets he put me, left me all alone, ev'ryday.

But I learned that I could make it, make it on my own. You've gotta stand tall and try hard, e-ven when you're alone, ev'ryday.

Sometimes, livin' is like a poker game. You don't always draw a pat hand. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going and it helps make you a man. Then there is no mountain that you can't climb, if you take them one by one, ev'ryday, ev'ryday, ev'ryday, ev'ryday.


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