Patent Medicine

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Patent Medicine
JM Jimmy Mac

1. You take two green pills and a yellow cap, a dose of magnesia that's where its at, headache powders and a shot of alcohol. Gotta find a cure to ease your pain, help to soothe your addled brain, put out the fire that burns your stomach wall.

2. Take a diet pill and you stay awake, a sleeping pill 'cause your eyelids ache, a few nose drops to stop that awful drip. Then it's six cold tabs and G.I. gin, helps improve the mood you're in, a few more pills and your mind begins to slip.

3. Your frendly druggist at the corner store can fix you up with cures galore, a diff'rent one ev'ry time that you complain. And it's a fine example for the younger set, the way you take those pills and yet, they're expected not to do the same.

CHORUS: You can take the patents till they blow your mind, a sure all cure you'll never find, but a drug store junkie doesn't seem to know, that all those pills and all those caps, a dose of this and a shot of that will often cause a real good mind to go.


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