The Hummingbird Song

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The Hummingbird Song
SAB Sally Borzillo

1. Sittin' by my window in the early morning sun, lookin' through the yard and beyond. The frost two nights ago has the leaves turning brown, this chill in the wind has me longin' for the South. I hear flocks of geese passin' overhead, its been goin' on now for days. I sit on the bluffs, watch them head for the sun and wish I was goin' their way.

CHORUS: 'Cause I'd fly to Jamaica with the hummingbirds, sing 'em a mighty fine song. Splash in the water, eat fish and get thin, if they'd only take me along.

2. We'd fly over waters so deep and so blue and brilliant shades of color. We'd stop on each velvet green island we saw that all of the tourists pass over. Yes, if I could I'd be with them today, leave all my possessions behind. I'd take to the sky and I'd never look back. You'd see not one tear in my eye.

3. I guess I'll be here for the wintertime, when snow lies deep on the ground. The geese have all gone with the hummingbird's song and there's not a green leaf to be found. But in my mind I'll be with them tonight on a beach somewhere in the warm, where bananas hang yellow, the sky's always blue and never a trouble is born.

Performance by Fresh Picked
Recorded live at the Showboat Theater
Lead Vocal: Sally Borzillo
Banjo, Vocals: Mark Borzillo
Violin, Vocals: Nancy Monahan
Guitar: Mike Monahan
Bongo: Gretchin Brown
Acoustic Bass: Jerry Brown


© 2005 Jimmy Mac Music Company