Common Sense Theology Addressing Ancient Errors in the Modern Church

  • Is Scripture Inerrant?
  • Is There One God Or Three?
  • Did Christ Atone For Sins?
  • What Is The Gospel?
  • How Lasting Is Everlasting Life?
  • What Is Born Again?
  • Is Water Baptism Required For Salvation?
  • What Is The Adoption?
  • What Is Saving Faith?
  • Is God's Foreknowledge Causative?
  • When Does Man Become A Living Soul?
  • What Are Justification and Sanctification?
  • What Is Living Faith?
  • What Is The Sin Nature?
  • Did Jesus Descend Into Hell?
These often asked questions are addressed in this book. The canned answers circulating in Christendom may not be as accurate as some think. Additionally, some people are afraid to examine their beliefs. You may agree or disagree with this work, but it will cause you to think about what you believe and how you explain it.

An excellent Bible study guide

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Jim McColloch received the ABSC from Moody Bible Institute and the ThM and ThD Degrees from Andersonville Seminary. He served as pastor of Maplewood Avenue Baptist Church and Easton Heights Baptist Church,both in Tulsa, Oklahoma; FBC Turley, Oklahoma; FBC Hermann, Missouri and FBC Wann, Oklahoma.

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  • "I let one of my buddies read your book and he said it changed his life for the better" - Ty
  • "I don't agree with everything in the book, but it is well thought out and well written. I would recommend it" - BW
  • "I found that what I did read was clear and interesting which is not always true of theological books" - NG