Inflation Blues

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Inflation Blues
JM Jimmy Mac

1. In-fla-tion blues, I'm a work-in' bum. In-fla-tion blues, I a'int got no mon. No time to play work ev'-ry day, I ne-ver have no fun. Just mope a-rou-nd wait-in' for the bills to come.

2. In-fla-tion blues, well my rent is due. In-fla-tion blues, what am I to do? My check-book's red, the kids need fed and I ain't got a cent. I need to touch some-bo-dy, all my mon-ey's spent.

3. In-fla-tion blues, keeps me work-in' on. In-fla-tion blues, means my mon-ey's gone. It's ve-ry sad, to be a dad caught with-out - a dime, too poor to pay at-ten-tion, - any time.

CHORUS: In-fla-tion blues, yeh, in-fla-tion blues. Well my dol-lar's worth dimes, got in-fla-tion blues.


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