I Believe In This Great Country

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I Believe In This Great Country
JM Jimmy Mac

1.I've suffered high inflation and I've been without a job. Though I've needed help from others, you can bet I'd never rob. I've filled out applications and I've stood employment lines. I worried 'bout the bills I owed 'til I nearly lost my mind. But,

CHORUS: I believe in this great country, I still love our Uncle Sam and I know that we are better off than any foreign land. I believe we're on the right track, that we'll keep things well in hand. Yes, I'm proud to be American. You can tell the world I am.

2. I've enjoyed years of plenty with two cars in the garage and a home beside the golf course. I'm a member of the lodge. So, when I'm on the down side, well, I really can't complain. 'Cause the good times 'round the corner will bring it back again. And,



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